Oregon State CVM Zoo, Wildlife, and Exotic Club


 Saturday, October 16

7:00-8:00am - Registration and breakfast

8:00-8:55 - Dr. Ursula Bechert - Field conservation of African elephants

9:00-9:55 - Dr. Leon Pielstick - Wild horse contraception

10:00-10:55 - Dr. Craig Packer - Canine distemper virus infection in lions (and other viral diseases)

11:00-11:30 - Dr. Daniel Lewer - Marine mammal case studies

11:30-12:00 - Dr. Hernan Montilla - Reproductive ultrasound imaging of harbor seals

12:10-1:00 - Lunch talk with Nicole Nicassio-Hiskey and Dr. Lisa Harrenstien - Training zoo animals for medical procedures

1:10-2:00 Dr. Brian Speer - Managing avian behavior in the exam room

2:00-5:00 Dr. Rob Bildfell - Marine mammal necropsy and mortality (Wet lab)

Sunday, October 17

7:00-7:30am Registration and breakfast

7:30-8:25 Dr Cathy Johnson-Delaney - Dietary management of non-domestic felids and carnivores

8:30-9:25 Dr. Cathy Johnson-Delaney - Non-human primate nutrition and nutritional disease

9:30-10:25 Dr. Mitch Finnegan - Elephant dentistry

10:30-11:25 Dr. Cathy Johnson-Delaney - Stabilizing the critical small mammal patient

11:25-12:30  Dr. Brian Speer - Aviculture tips for the veterinary practitioner












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